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Hunterdon Audiology Associates Reviews

Google Reviews


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Very friendly! Felt very comfortable explaining issues and concerns ! Very quick to respond to emails.
“Hunterdon Audiology has been my lifesaver for many years, through changes in my hearing health, new technology, changes in jobs, and insurance companies. Through it all, I’m happy to say the practice and their awesome staff have been critical to me as I ...” View Allwork through my hearing loss. They are my partners and help me along my hearing journey.”
“We were very satisfied! Sue made adjustments to my hearing aids and my hearing has improved greatly. She listened to our concerns and explained offers and made suggestions on what steps she would like to try. We're looking forward to hearing even bette...” View Allr in the future. Jerry”
Very good experiences at Hunterdon Audiology Associates. Very nice people with excellent knowledge and skills
“My step-dad moved in with us after my mom's passing. He dropped and stepped on his hearing aid and has been suffering (or I should say "we" have been suffering) without any hearing for months. Because he had originally bought these aids in South Carolina...” View All, all paperwork was gone. Out of desperation and a whim, I went to Sue. She looked up the serial number on the hearing aid that was not broken and was able to locate my step-dad's record, when he bought them and the warranty on them. She sent them in for repair, is seeing him for a hearing test and will be able to adjust his aids to suit his hearing loss. She jumped through hoops to have this company repair and unlock his aides so she can adjust them by having them unlocked. I can't thank her enough for her professionalism, kindness and quickness in helping us.”
Always receive exceptional care. Sue is wonderful and she goes above and beyond when caring for my mom. She makes everyone feel special.
“Very knowledgeable and great to work with. I highly recommend them. Really felt they took the time to understand my needs exactly. very proactive in looking out for my best interests (ie upgrades) and very responsive when I have questions. Would not work w...” View Allith anyone else.”
Sue is wonderful and extremely caring and was very patient with my 90-year old mother. Since my mother uses a walker, it’s very easy for her to get in and out of the office. Would gladly refer this practice!
Everything was attended to in a professional and high quality manner.
Very attentive. Explained everything about my hearing condition. Will return. Knowledgeable friendly diagnosis. Highly recommmened for anyone with hearing questions.
Resolved all my problems quickly. Great service.
“Sue is wonderful. If you ever knew you needed help with hearing and did not want to take that step, Sue is your answer. She will work with you, adjust and readjust until you are comfortable. I found that the ability to hear without saying "What? or" Par...” View Alldon me?" is a life changing miracle. Sue will help you through this step and make you comfortable with the new you.”
It's a great office to work with. I'm always pleased with the service and the suggestions to make my hearing better...
Great place to go. Very accommodating.
Sue is the best at fitting and fine tuning. I have never heard so well. Very professionally run and staffed practice.
I got ear impressions for in-ear monitors. Very accommodating and efficient. Gave me a nice deal on the IEMs.
Extraordinary service and care. Sue is the best. Highly recommended.
Sue was very helpful and went out of her way to make sure I had a good fit.
The visit was great, functional and enjoyable.
The audiologist, Sue Clampitt, is very knowledgeable and personable. She has done a super job of keeping my hearing aid functioning well. I have never had to wait long at all when I arrive for my appointment.
“The audiologist, Sue Clampitt, is very knowledgeable and friendly. My hearing aid works beautifully and is checked, cleaned, and adjusted, if necessary, every three months. I like their service policy and having a year supply of batteries. I have nev...” View Aller had to wait for any more than 3-5 minutes if at all.”
I've gotten ear plugs for my sensitive ears for about three years from this team of audiologists. They are highly competent, caring, informed on the latest technology, personable --I would highly recommend them!
Fast, friendly service. I highly recommend their service.
Great experience from beginning to end. Staff was helpful and ready to help when a problem arose. Will recommend them without hesitation. THANK YOU!
Very Friendly people. Exam was free. They worked out a plan with my insurance that made one of the originally more expensive models, affordable. Very responsive to my questions, and always willing to sit down with me and help.

Facebook Reviews


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Sue and her team are fantastic. Easy to get an appointment, always on time and very friendly overall. Going to Hunterdon Audiology is the best decision I've made when it comes to my hearing.
“I’ve been a patient at Hunterdon Audiology for almost 20 years. Have never had to wait long for my scheduled appointment & Dr. Sue is always friendly, courteous and takes time to explains everything so it is understood. Lydia is also great to work with...” View All and always pleasant, courteous and always follows up when it is time for your appointment. A great team to work with.”
This is a highly customer focused and professional audiology service. Sue is the best! I have received excellent care here and service above and beyond my expectations.
Hunterdon audiology does a kind and efficient job. Dr. Sue is patient and explains things well.
We were very cordially greeted in a comfortable atmosphere. Dr. Sue is a very knowledgeable and patient professional. She answered all of our questions and there was no heavy sell.
“Having received an invitation from Hunterdon Audiology Associates while my daughter was visiting really ended up being one of my luckiest days ever. I had been having trouble with the streamer, an additional item I wore around my neck to connect calls & m...” View Allusic from my cell to my blue tooth hearing aids. My daughter encouraged me and pointed out that they offered many services that I had not had. I was very pleased just entering the office. There was no crowded waiting room and the receptionist was friendly and very efficient. As the patient before me exited, I was taken into the exam room exactly on time. That is somewhat rare! The audiologist, Sue Clampitt was very friendly and put me at ease while listening to my difficulties. The more she explained some of the benefits in newer AIDS made by Resound, a different company than mine , my hopes began to soar. I tried a pair & noticed a big difference immediately. I would no longer need to have to wear a connecting device around my neck. The quality of music that I missed so very much, . . . I NOW HAVE!!!!!? . There was , a very generous trial period, doable payment plan, a time period in which I will be provided with batteries @ no expense to me. I have worn hearing aids since living in Florida in 1994 and this is the 1st time I was provided with a supply of batteries. I have had some audiologists in the past who were good to me & did their best in many areas. However, Hunterdon audiology associates has displayed knowledge, concern , excellent time management & consistent regard for the patient. Very, very Grateful to Lidia, Sue Clampitt & of course, my daughter for encouraging me to find a new way? I would recommend them to anyone: those who have never had hearing aids and should not wait too long, AND including those who have AIDS & feel that they are hearing at their best possible quality. I thought that once also. You never know until you try.”
moms appointment was scheduled quickly and the appointment itself was extremely thorough. more to come!! hearing aids next week 🙂
I have never had to wait longer than five minutes for any of my appointments. That's unheard of in the medical field.

Yelp Reviews


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“My husband and I had our evaluations with Huntetdon Audiology for different stages.   It was a good and thorough visit,  each of our questions and comments were listened to and answered thoroughly.  We were very happy with our first visit with Sue Clamp...” View Allitt and would highly recommend her service.”
“My initial contact with Hunterdon Audiology Associates was when I needed to get a hearing aid repaired and my audiologist at the time could not do it.  The hearing aid was repaired properly and for a reasonable price.  After their showing me the latest t...” View Allechnology and how it would improve my hearing, I decided to purchase a new hearing aid, which has, indeed, worked very well.  My quarterly visits now are part of my purchase price and include cleaning, maintenance, adjustments if needed, and more batteries if needed.  My audiologist, Sue Clampitt, is very personable and knowledgeable.  I am so glad I found them and will continue to go there even though it is a 35 minute drive for me.”